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Never diet again and reframe your relationship to sugar for good

Why Ditch Sugar and Embrace the 22DSC lifestyle?

  • Improve Energy
  • Decrease in mood swings
  • Get your glow back
  • Feel confident in your body
  • Improve exercise performance and recovery
  • Lower triglycerides and blood sugar
  • Sharpen cognitive health (decisions/focus)
  • Lose weight & lean out
  • Crush life by becoming productive and efficient with time management

The 22 DSC Gives You:


  • Four 1 hour webinars
  • Access to your online portal for resources/recipes
  • 22 Day Meal Plan & Guidelines
  • Suggested Daily Protocol
  • Liquid Nutrition & Resistant Starch e-book’s
  • Daily emails that provide guidance and action steps

Cost Comparison

Being healthy can seem expensive, but the price of not taking charge of your health is far more costly.

Medical Expenses per year due to Diabetes* medicare

Private Nutrition Consulting 

22 Day Sugar Cleanse 

*Source: According to the American Diabetes Association.

The 22 DSC Community Perks!

  • Bonus Interviews

    From experts like best selling authors and researchers like Donna Jackson Nakazawa & Max Lugavere
  • Lifetime Access

    Lifetime Access to the supportive 22 DSC Facebook Group

    • "Sleep Better, Crave Less"
    • "The Stress Connection"
    • "On Willpower: Why Cravings Aren’t Your Fault"
  • The Cortisol Connection Handout

    Learn how to balance hormone health by addressing this one critical chemical messenger through stress, sleep and sugar.
  • Free Gifts

    The first 75 people to register will receive a gift bag with gifts from the sponsors, Organic Gemini and Navitas Naturals

What makes the 22 DSC different than traditional cleanses?

  • We teach that cravings don’t happen to you, they happen for you!
  • Your perspective on food will shift and ultimately improve your habits and happiness! #invaluable
  • There is no deprivation or calorie counting!
  • This isn’t a short-term solution; it’s an introduction into a long term approach to reducing inflammation and expanding your culinary repertoire.
  • Additional Perks: Over 75 plant based delicious meals, gluten free/dairy free and high flavor recipes to choose from!

Recipes Designed to Nourish You

  • beetsalad Salmon, Beet and Arugula Salad
  • Kale & Pomegrante Salad
  • Salmon and Sweet Potato Fries
  • Tigernut Pancakes

Hear What They're Saying

“Elisa Haggarty is a master in her field and I am lucky enough to call her my friend. She openly and easily shares all of her nutrition and culinary knowledge and resources/recipes through her online courses and her individual coaching. Through some private coaching and her 22 Day Sugar Cleanse I have experienced the results first hand. Not only am I more alert in general, I am no longer tired, don’t have mid day sluggishness, I am lighter on my feet (literally and figuratively), my digestive system is improving, and most importantly I am no longer scared of the kitchen and love to utilize her recipes for creative incredibly delicious healthy meals! Literally working with her has been life changing :)”

Alana Casner

“Elisa’s 22 Day Sugar Cleanse is the ultimate life-changing test of knowledge, dietary choice, and will. The sugar cleanse helped me recharge my food prep, encouraged better decision-making, and gave me confidence that I could do anything I set my mind to. Elisa’s course equipped me strategies and helped me focus on the foods I could eat. I lost 5lbs during the cleanse but even better than that, I gained a great community who have continued to encourage and inspire my nourishment.”


“Elisa’s community and live sessions made me feel accountable and a “part of something.” I have been able to increase my mindfulness when it comes to shopping and preparing foods and to pass my new knowledge onto my husband and girls. My husband ended up becoming more dedicated than I would have ever imagined and even lost 11 pounds in the process. My daughters pay better attention to what they are eating, too, and even request that I make them meals from Elisa’s amazing menus! I could not possibly be more happy with my decision to join the Cleanse!”

Kirsten C.

“The 22 Day Sugar Cleanse – Finally an approach to healthy living that isn’t a hype about a quick fix easy weight loss. I’ve learned it’s not a quick easy fix, but a lifestyle change. Slow & Steady! One meal at a time, filled with delicious whole foods. Her once a week webinars, daily encouraging emails full of info, all our printable resource materials & our private community face book page enabling us to interact with each other, posting achievements, questions & slip ups, brings it all together and makes it real! By eating whole foods we learn to heal our bodies from within.”

Colleen S.

“Elisa has the unique ability to bring out in others what they might have otherwise considered unimaginable in themselves. Elisa taught me to see “slip ups” as opportunities to start again. This simple change in mindset helped me tremendously. I am so much more accountable for how I feel and I feel amazing! Elisa is genuinely interested in, and unwavering in her commitment to, helping people become the happiest and best versions of themselves.”

Becca D.

“While I eat clean most of the time and enjoy a drink from time to time, The idea of diets and cleanses usually makes my eyes roll. This one not so much as I started to read the e-books I realized it wasn’t a big list of things I couldn’t have, but I bigger list of what is best for me to focus on, introducing me to new food concepts like resistant starches and fermented foods.

It wasn’t easy all the time, there was a few cravings but after the first 10 days they faded, everyone was commenting on how I was looking and slimming down, I had more energy and was able to get up earlier and easier. Which for me meant more surfing. After 22 days I lost 11kg, felt great and looked younger. Most of all it changed the way I look at all foods and changed my diet for the better.”

Josh Davies

How does the 22 DSC work?

  • STEP ONE: You join the 22 Day Sugar Cleanse Community!
  • STEP TWO: Join the private FB group
  • STEP THREE: Access the 22 DSC classroom page & begin reviewing material
  • STEP FOUR: Go grocery shopping & prep ahead
  • STEP FIVE: Check daily emails for support & guidance
  • STEP SIX: Tune into webinars with Elisa and the community
  • STEP SEVEN: Try new ingredients, learn, make mistakes and keep on going!
  • STEP EIGHT: Say goodbye to old habits and create a new normal!

Meet Your Fearless Leader

Elisa Haggarty is a Functional Nutritionist & Lifestyle Expert and founder of Culinary Farmacy. Elisa practices root cause resolution which means she works to find the triggers of disease in the human body and provides practical action steps on how to address health goals. Elisa is tired of the status quo that posits disease as synonymous with old age and your genetics as your fate, and firmly believes that each meal is a chance to impact mental and physical health. Elisa lives in Brooklyn, NY with her two crazy kittens. She is a graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, The Natural Gourmet Institute and of Full Body Systems with Holistic Nutrition Lab.



Can I eat fruit?

Yes, you will be able to eat fruit throughout this course! Throughout we will discuss the lower glycemic fruits and just how much fruit to eat a day. Fruits are a wonderful way to maintain a connection to keeping some sweetness alive in our world, but we simply can’t go overboard with 4-8 pieces of fruit a day. Some key points to consider in the fruit conversation:

  • Fruit is over 90% fructose, which is filtered by our liver and ends up spiking our blood sugar on the back end of digestion (much like Agave!).
  • Fruits, especially berries are heavily sprayed on conventional farming, so it is really important to splurge for organic if possible.
  • Fruit is high in fiber and introducing fruits to your children is a great way for them to appreciate nature’s candy.
  • Fruit contains many phytonutrients and brain boosting nutrients.

Can I eat chocolate?

YES! Chocolate gets a bad rap but if you choose the right brand and eat it wisely, it can been a great way to enjoy nature’s greatest gift (cacao) and find balance in life. Store bought chocolate is often filled with refined sugars, corn syrup, conventional dairy and chemicals. If you have to buy store bought chocolate, reach for the extra dark chocolate at 70% cacao. 70% cacao means there is 30% sugar added, so even better would be 80% to 85% cacao. Throughout the course, we will be encouraging the use of raw cacao in select recipes. Here are some facts on raw cacao.

  • Cacao in its raw form is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet.
  • Cacao contains less than 1% sugar.
  • Cacao is high in manganese, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc and phosphorous.
  • Cacao contains Theobromine, which is a cousin of caffeine so it stimulates your central nervous system in a more subtle and effective way.

For those with sever adrenal fatigue, I do not recommend consuming cacao, as it has the ability to zap our energy long term if its used a “pick me up” or energy stimulant.

What about bread?

2 slices of whole wheat bread spike your blood sugar the same amount that 2 tablespoons of white sugar does. In other words, bread, even if its home made and made from “whole grains” is a carbohydrate bomb and can absolutely raise blood sugar and insulin production dramatically. There is life beyond the beloved sandwich and in this course you will get a variety of alternatives and suggestions on how to enjoy low glycemic meals that still bring comfort and flavor.

Will there be any room for dessert on this cleanse?

Of course! One thing this course helps people realize is that dessert is meant to be a special treat, not an everyday thing! Together we walk you through a variety of different low glycemic delicious desserts/treats that you can enjoy without any guilt or worries. At Culinary Farmacy, we specialize in creating recipes using nature’s “candy” and making sure you never feel deprived! More than anything, we discuss our relationship to dessert and the cravings it brings up. This course is an exploration of revamping our relationship to food so that we are in the drivers seat!

Will I be able to drink alcohol?

While there are benefits to red wine in particular, we encourage participants to leave alcohol and beer out of the diet. In this cleanse there are over 10 delicious elixirs, lattes and smoothies to choose from for delicious beverages.

Will there be "cheat meals"?

I don’t believe in cheat meals! I don’t believe in the concept of a “cheat meal” so no, there are no cheat meals in this course. Every recipe is crafted to be delicious, abundant in flavors and rich in variety so the idea is that you never feel the need to go out and “cheat”. Abundant flavors, abundant variety, and abundant health! I believe in celebrating food, not cheating.

Is this a program centered on calorie counting?

No! So, we do not encourage calorie counting or reducing our precious food to a point system. I stress that everyone connects with their food and develop a deep sense of love and appreciate for food/health. Our body does not count calories; it is a man made system geared towards deprivation and selling weight loss initiative programs. Our great grandparents didn’t count calories, they just ate what nature provided and stayed active. This program is very much about rewiring the brain to see food differently than how society has brainwashed us and to wake up, eat whole foods and thrive!

Can I eat dairy, cheese and yoghurt on this detox?

In the recipe e-book there are no recipes featuring dairy. Dairy consumption and dairy products are usually loaded with added sugar so during this 22-Day Sugar Cleanse, we remove these foods from the diet. Dairy consumption is also closely linked with low bone density (osteoporosis), asthma, allergies and autoimmune disease.

Is this a good course for someone with autoimmune disease?

Yes! This course is very much geared towards helping anyone suffering from chronic inflammation and immune related disorders. Sugar and elevated levels of glucose cause cellular inflammation and are essentially, “fuel on the fire”. One of the first things YOU can do to work with any autoimmune condition is to address sugar intake and add in more healing and medicinal foods.


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