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Popsicle Heaven

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up, popsicles were a must-have during the summer. I was an incredibly active child, and on any given summer day I could be found riding my bicycle to-and-from the local town pool (8 miles total) for an hour-long swim team practice, racing my brothers/twin around [...]

Autoimmunity On The Rise

What do the following chronic diseases have in common? Eczema Psoriasis Lupus M.S. Hashimotos Thyroid Disease Type 1 Diabetes Celiac Sprue Rheumatoid Arthritis Crohn’s Disease They are all the result of an immune system gone awry, an immune system that has essential gotten it’s “wires crossed” and instead of spending it’s energy on protecting the [...]

Sweet Potato & Kale Frittata

I’ve started eating more eggs lately and one of my favorite recipes to make has been this delicious and nutrient dense, Sweet Potato & Kale Frittata!  Many people feel frustrated and bored by breakfast options so this recipe will hopefully give you some inspiration to get in the kitchen and try something new. The cool [...]

10 Habits of Incredibly Healthy People

I was inspired to write this post when I watched motivational speaker and award winning author, Brendon Burchard discuss “How Incredibly Successful People THINK”. Take 6 mins to watch this video and I believe you’ll feel compelled to tackle your “to do” list and my post below will resonate that much more. Brendon says in [...]

Change your Life TODAY!

It takes 21 days to change your taste-buds and create a new habit, so we are adding on another day for good measure. This program is not a quick fix, it’s designed to educate and empower you to make lasting dietary and lifestyle shifts that create a ripple effect of transformation! To reverse sugar addiction, [...]

FREE Tele-seminar!

This FREE one hour tele-seminar will reveal… Tips on the tell tale signs you are a sugar addict! Why being skinny doesn’t protect you from getting diabetes or being pre-diabetic! What your cravings for sweets and starches are revealing to you! What is holding YOU back from letting go of your sweet treat or warm [...]

Recipe Corner

Wondering how on earth to make meals that are healthy and delicious? At Culinary Farmacy, we LOVE diving in the test kitchen to create delicious recipes and sharing them with you! To try out over 20 different recipes and smoothies, click here!  

The Skinny on Fat

What exactly is the deal on fat? I get asked this a lot and it’s pretty obvious that with obesity rates skyrocketing, people want answers. How can anyone possible know what fats to include and what fats to exclude. It’s downright frustrating! The barrage of advertisements touting the latest fat craze is confusing, very often misleading. If [...]

Go Nuts!

I have to say that there are two things I love lately: info-graphics and nuts. In particular, I am slightly obsessed with Brazil Nuts and almonds! I came across this wonderful info-graphic the other day and just loved how it was all laid out for me- clearly with pictures and useful facts. I wish history and math class [...]

Magical Pumpkin Smoothie

I mean, how can you not love pumpkin? I am in love with every part of the magical pumpkin. The vibrant colors, the unique shape, the plethora of ways to incorporate it into recipes and of course how it elevates the atmosphere of a room. I like smoothies, but you may be surprised to know [...]