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Realizing a Dream

Have you ever had that moment where you just knew that you were meant to do something big and there was no other choice but to move past the rather intimidating hurdles to follow your calling?

I have had this feeling numerous times over the past two years, while I was a full time English teacher in Hong Kong. At times, it seemed like every sign in my life was pointing me in this direction of helping to bring food & healing to the world. I couldn’t ignore the fact that obesity was sky rocketing in Hong Kong, that my students were displaying visible signs of mineral/vitamin deficiencies with patches of grey hair and that family and friends of mine were struggling with their own health concerns. The deeper I dove into food & healing, the more it became apparent that I was meant to make this my life’s work.

For the past two years I researched numerous culinary schools- raw food academies, public cooking classes and more but one school kept coming back to me: The Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC. I distinctly remember going to a public class at The Natural Gourmet taught by Andrea Beaman last year with my Mom and feeling so inspired and alive that in the middle of the class, I said to my Mom, “I’m going to do that one day!”. So, here I am…enrolled at The Natural Gourmet Institute and soaking up as much knowledge as I can from my seasoned and lively instructors.

My instructors at the NGI are the best part of my experience so far. They are incredibly animated, knowledgeable and bring an unwavering sense of passion/purpose to the craft of health supportive cooking. I will say that the first few weeks of diving into knife skills have been humbling, it feels like I have never diced an onion before! My instructors are incredibly supportive of us and push us to consistently pay attention to technique and execution.


On the first day we were given a stack of wonderful books that we would use as reference throughout our year long culinary program and since I am a very visual person, I went right away to Rebecca Wood’s “The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia”. It is literally an A through Z selection for more than 1,000 uncommon fruits, vegetables, grains and herbs. It’s very comprehensive and  it sort of makes me realize HOW much there is to know about oh I dunno, onions.

Riding the lovely and quiet G train from my humble apartment in Brooklyn towards NGI is still sort of surreal- just a few months ago I was living in Hong Kong dreaming of the opportunity to turn my passion into a career. I have to pinch myself sometimes just remind myself this is all real, and that all of this came together for a beautiful and purposeful reason. Everyday I am realizing my dream, and I am humbled to share it with you.

The cool thing is, as I grow and learn, so you do you. Before I head off today, I want you to do some reflection on what your dreams may be. I want you to remember that anything is possible and that you deserve the world. If I had listened to the critics and naysayers when I expressed my interest jumping into this field full time, Culinary Farmacy would not have come into fruition. Thank goodness I knew to follow my inspiration and intuition…wouldn’t the world be such a happier place if we all followed our dreams/passions?

I encourage you to follow your bliss, whatever it may be.

What will YOU do to be one step closer to your dreams?

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