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The Lunchbox

The list of healthy and easy options to bring with you “on the go” is endless, but here are some of my top recommendations for how to make lunch-time one of the best times of your day !

  1. Black Bean and Avocado Quinoa Salad
  2. Pumpkin Spice Almond Bites
  3. Bamboo Utensil Set
  4. Coconut Dream Bars (Low GI!)
  5. Kale Chips
  6. Brazil Nuts (we only need 4 a day to get our dose of selenium)
  7. Klean Kanteen Stainless Steal Water Bottle: eco friendly and much safer alternative to the BPA free bottles! (If it’s not BPA, then what is it? Usually it’s an equally harmful but less well-known synthetic estrogen like BPF, or BPS!)
  8. Hard-boiled egg (farm raised, organic and vegetarian fed–it DOES matter!)
  9. Diced apples and raw almond butter
  10. Crudité and hummus
  11. Pyrex Tupperware
  12. Green Monster Smoothie



5 Tips for packing the best lunchbox ever!

1) Prepare the night before! Last minute run arounds in the morning are the last thing you need! Health is more about being prepared than anything!

2) Get an awesome lunchbox, I swear it does make the food taste better! Check out these options that are eco friendly and toxic free so you can rest assured the food and what its stored in, are health promoting! (What you store foods in is just as important as the foods themselves! I’ll be diving into the toxic talk very soon and you won’t want to miss it)

3) Over pack: throw in some extra goodies just in case, the last thing you need is trying to finish the day with low blood sugar and hunger pains. It’s always good to have a snack mid-afternoon between lunch and dinner, less tantrums that way!

4) Bring food that doesn’t require a microwave if possible, raw snacks and fresh food will power you through the day and provide natural energy until you get home! Besides, microwaves come with a warning label, destroy essential enzymes that we need from our food and most nutrients in the food.

5) Pack some Vitamin L: (Love) Yup, when packing your lunch box for your child, husband, friend or roommate, write a little note of appreciation, love or anything your heart desires. One of the best things I had growing up was opening my lunch box on a weekly basis and reading notes my mom and dad would write to me. Those notes written with care and love, were  more powerful than any vitamin/mineral that I had for lunch that day, yes..even stronger than Kale!