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I have long been a fan of the research and writing of Donna Jackson Nakazawa. I knew that if anyone could connect the dots between stress, self care and health it would be Donna’s personal story of transformational healing. I first came across Donna’s writing while taking a course on functional nutrition a few years ago. My colleagues and I were discussing how autoimmunity is spreading like wildfire in our world due to environmental toxins, denatured “food” and chronic stress. My mentor mentioned a recent best seller, “The Autoimmune Epidemic” by Donna Jackson Nakazawa and I bought it immediately. I was really impressed by Donna’s ability to weave together case studies with empirical evidence on how everyday actions, home and personal care products are wreaking havoc on our immune system, and subsequently our entire mind body.

Having autoimmunity myself, a nagging case of psoriasis, I was eager to learn more about the stress and toxicity connection. I have long addressed food as a primary player in healing the mind and body and it was Donna’s work that brought personal experience and clinical evidence to the fore front for me as it pertains to managing autoimmunity and chronic disease.

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Donna’s most recent book, “The Last Best Cure” dives into her last attempt to gain her life and her joy back from crippling autoimmunity when Western medicine had all but given up on her. Donna finds that working with her brain by taking self care to a new level has profound changes to her health and happiness. “The Last Best Cure” is one I send to my clients to give them hope and remind them how powerful self care really is.

I was fortunate enough to do a Google Hangout interview with Donna recently on “Stress, Sugar & Healing” and  have shared this video with you below. This hour long interview is JAM packed with really powerful tips on how you can make small but meaningful steps towards reaching your optimal health.

Donna is making a guest appearance to to my 22 Day Sugar Boot Camp this October so all participants will get another full hour interview with a Q & A with her. Just one of the many perks for those who enroll! Enrollment for the 22 Day Sugar Boot Camp will open again in 2014, but in the mean time keep your eyes peeled for different courses and offerings.

If you have any questions about this video or for Donna Jackson Nakazawa and her journey/work, please post them below and we would be happy to respond to you! Use this page to create a discussion and generate ideas so you can continue taking purposeful action towards your ideal health.

When it comes to stress management, what are some of the techniques and tools you incorporate into your self care regime?

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