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The Science of Habit Formation

I am incredibly hard on myself. I set lofty goals, and sometimes, I fall short.  I see this happen all the time, especially with former competitive athletes and “go getters”.  I recently decided that at the age of 32 I wanted to run a sub 6 minute mile. The last time I did that was [...]

The Power of Human Connection

I’ve been thinking about the power of human connection lately. As a 31 year old woman living in NYC, I often feel isolated despite the 8 million people living around me. It could be because I work from home and spend most of my time speaking with clients via phone and sometimes, skype. My work [...]

For Health Coaches

Click here if you are a purpose driven health coach/entrepreneur who wants to make major change in this world. 


Book Elisa for your school, community or wellness event.  One of Elisa’s great passions is inspiring and empowering health seekers to move into the drivers seat of there health by adopting better eating and living habits.

Blueprint Nutrition & Lifestyle Program

Culinary Farmacy with Elisa Haggarty from Elisa Haggarty on Vimeo. How often do you get a chance to consult with a certified health care professional who addresses your physical, emotional and spiritual needs? This 60-minute initial Blueprint Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation will give you the clarity, resources and know how to change your health!  Reflect on [...]