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The Science of “Hangry”

I always used to wonder why I would so easily get irritated or even angry when I was hungry. My friends used to say, “uh oh, Elisa’s ‘hangry’ again! Quick, get her food!” Another sign you are “hangry” is your inability to focus and make rational decisions. This is exactly what makes vending machines and [...]

Medical Spotlight with Dr. Schiller

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. David Schiller today on his practice and the future of Functional Medicine. I’ve been able to refer some of my clients to Dr. Schiller’s work and the results have been remarkable.  Check out the interview and see the interview notes below.   Key notes from the interview from [...]

“Gluten Free” 101

This blog post should more accurately read…”Why most ‘gluten free” products are pure junk’. I encourage you to read through to the end, it is most certainly one of THE most important blog posts you’ll ever read. I have been meaning to write this post for a while now, ever since the likes of “gluten [...]

Ingredient of the Week: Beans

With the cold weather here in New York, I have been indulging in warm soups, stews, and curries!  I have also been craving heartier meals- light leafy green salads aren’t doing it for me these days! When I want a hearty meal, I turn to beans for that boost of fiber, protein and calcium. Nutrition [...]