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The Science of “Hangry”

I always used to wonder why I would so easily get irritated or even angry when I was hungry. My friends used to say, “uh oh, Elisa’s ‘hangry’ again! Quick, get her food!” Another sign you are “hangry” is your inability to focus and make rational decisions. This is exactly what makes vending machines and [...]

Eat More of These Starches

For a long time, I demonized starches. You know, these kind…  I felt that the idea of needing a starch with every meal was ludicrous and was contributing to rising rates of heart disease, diabetes and obesity in this country. I was partially wrong. Americans eat WAY too many starches throughout the day (see above!), [...]

Emergency Snack Pack

I always get asked, “what do you do when you travel or when you are on the go” and so today I decided to give you a snapshot of what I buy, prepare and pack with me mostly where ever I go. I do want to say that eating this way is a lifestyle, it’s [...]

FREE Tele-seminar!

This FREE one hour tele-seminar will reveal… Tips on the tell tale signs you are a sugar addict! Why being skinny doesn’t protect you from getting diabetes or being pre-diabetic! What your cravings for sweets and starches are revealing to you! What is holding YOU back from letting go of your sweet treat or warm [...]

Who is Culinary Farmacy for?

Culinary Farmacy is designed to help educate, empower and inspire women who are looking for nutritional and culinary guidance so they can nourish themselves and their families. If you answer yes to any of the questions below, then Culinary Farmacy is designed with you in mind and can guide you to live a life of abundant health, [...]