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The #1 Ingredient for Health

No. It’s not what you’re thinking, superfoods like cacao, goji berries, coconut oil or kale.  Nor is it grass fed pastured happy chicken, medicinal bone broth, or even the latest holier than thou, watercress. While they are all nutrient dense powerhouses, they are not the most important ingredient for health. At least not in the way [...]

Beyond Vegetables

I have some news for you…the food is the easy part guys. Really, it is. Check out my basic daily guidelines when it comes to food… Eat 8-12 cups of colorful vegetables a day. Eat 3-4 cups of dark leafy greens daily. Enjoy 2-3 cups of fresh fruit, mostly berries. Source and enjoy local and [...]

Top 10 Lessons from The Natural Gourmet

I knew that I wanted to take a big leap for my career a few years ago and that it would involve attending a culinary school. I researched so many health supportive and even raw food culinary schools around the world and finally settled on The Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC. This decision brought me [...]

Ingredient of the Week: Purslane

I stumbled upon this vibrant green at the local farmers market and wanted to use it right away! It has a distinct appearance as it has thick stems and small green leaves that seemed too adorable to eat. Yes, I just said the leaves were adorable! This plant, Purslane, is often mistaken for a weed [...]