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Cinnamon Spotlight

In case you missed it, last week I did a medical spotlight with Dr. Schiller to discuss Functional Medicine, a leaky gut and why adopting a “gluten free” diet is mostly a terrible idea. Click here to watch! This week, I want to draw your attention to the versatility and health benefits of cinnamon. Yes, cinnamon [...]

For Health Coaches

Click here if you are a purpose driven health coach/entrepreneur who wants to make major change in this world. 

Tigernuts, um what?

You think you have heard it all before, huh?  Well, apparently tigernuts are a thing. In fact, they are super healthy for you and can be made into a variety of delicious recipes, who knew? (Keep reading for awesome recipe below!) I came across tigernuts a few months ago in Whole Foods and decided to do [...]

No Plan B: Why Resiliency Matters

I’ve often said that if you simply “stick with it”, no matter what “it” is, you will succeed. So many people give up. They quit and their potential is left untapped.  When I was a 10 year old “tomboy” practicing basketball in my New Jersey drive way, I made a promise to myself. I promised [...]


Book Elisa for your school, community or wellness event.  One of Elisa’s great passions is inspiring and empowering health seekers to move into the drivers seat of there health by adopting better eating and living habits.

The #1 Ingredient for Health

No. It’s not what you’re thinking, superfoods like cacao, goji berries, coconut oil or kale.  Nor is it grass fed pastured happy chicken, medicinal bone broth, or even the latest holier than thou, watercress. While they are all nutrient dense powerhouses, they are not the most important ingredient for health. At least not in the way [...]