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Lifestyle Optimization in Bali for Chosen Experiences

I am excited to let you know about my upcoming week with Chōsen experiences. Chōsen program is a curated travel and learning experience of fitness, adventure, nutrition and mindfulness that delivers transformative results and takes you to your next level. This program of physical and cognitive activities is designed by a group of life optimization [...]

Your Brain Fog Solution

I was listening to one of my mentors in the field of Neurology & Functional Medicine speak about brain health the other day and something he said completely blew me away. When degeneration occurs, it happens in degrees. Before you lose ALL ability to walk in a straight line, finish reading one paragraph or remember [...]

Medical Spotlight with Dr. Schiller

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. David Schiller today on his practice and the future of Functional Medicine. I’ve been able to refer some of my clients to Dr. Schiller’s work and the results have been remarkable.  Check out the interview and see the interview notes below.   Key notes from the interview from [...]