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Chaga Cacao Elixir

I was never someone who enjoyed hot beverages growing up. I never drank tea until I become an adult, so the only thing I would ever enjoy was a warm cup of hot chocolate.  Back in the day, I’d combine one of the pre-packaged Swiss Hot Coco packets with warm milk and I’d be in [...]


Book Elisa for your school, community or wellness event.  One of Elisa’s great passions is inspiring and empowering health seekers to move into the drivers seat of there health by adopting better eating and living habits.

Autoimmunity On The Rise

What do the following chronic diseases have in common? Eczema Psoriasis Lupus M.S. Hashimotos Thyroid Disease Type 1 Diabetes Celiac Sprue Rheumatoid Arthritis Crohn’s Disease They are all the result of an immune system gone awry, an immune system that has essential gotten it’s “wires crossed” and instead of spending it’s energy on protecting the [...]

10 Habits of Incredibly Healthy People

I was inspired to write this post when I watched motivational speaker and award winning author, Brendon Burchard discuss “How Incredibly Successful People THINK”. Take 6 mins to watch this video and I believe you’ll feel compelled to tackle your “to do” list and my post below will resonate that much more. Brendon says in [...]