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Meet some of the people who have transformed their health through custom health programs and the 22 Day Sugar Cleanse!

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“Elisa Haggarty is a phenomenal health coach. I started working with her in October 2011. At the end of December, my cholesterol had dropped 72 points, my triglycerides had dropped from 135 to 80, my LDL (bad cholesterol) dropped from 204 to 149, and the numbers have continued to improve. Moreover, my December blood pressure reading was 115/75 though I had had high blood pressure for the last few years and I had lost 20 pounds.

My doctor at Harvard University health services was amazed and so was. I never counted calories nor felt deprived with my new way of eating and approaching health. We had fun cooking healthy snacks and meals together. With Elisa’s expert guidance and support, I was able to transform my body and mind significantly in a short period of time and have been able to continue to make by body happy and healthier. Elisa really cares about helping people improve their health and well-being. She is a wonderful listener and gifted teacher.Not to sound hokey, but I know I would not have achieved these results without her.”

Rosanne Hall-Tu,  Cambridge, MA



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“Elisa has taken me from a lifestyle that had me over-tired, over-stressed and struggling with Hypothyroidism. Through

her confidence and knowledge alone, I have been able to find the tools I needed to physically and psychologically rejuvenate my life. People will not stop telling me how sprightly I look or how white my eyes are-it’s magic! I have never felt more energized, positive and happy. THANK YOU”.

~Rachel Curley


I have tried various approaches to my long-term health problems – I have severe PMS two weeks out of my three-week cycle. That means I deal with all manner of symptoms including depression, anxiety, cravings, emotional imbalance and bloating for the majority of my life. None of the approaches I have taken has directly addressed the PMS although it is always the first thing I describe when meeting a new doctor. Most recently, I was diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, depression and when I met Elisa, my skin had erupted in an angry, weeping, peeling patch near my mouth. I had been on medication for 18 months but not only did the symptoms persist, that painful rash had inexplicably appeared. None of my doctors could explain it or the persistence of the other symptoms and so I knew then that I was done with conventional medicine. I wanted to work with Elisa because of her natural approach that uses food and nutrition as the main tool to balance the body, to heal and to rejuvenate. When I stopped taking pills and using steroids on my skin, I focussed on eating and using only natural foods and products. Very soon afterwards, that painful rash completely cleared. I am also taking Traditional Chinese Medicine to strengthen the functioning of weakened organs. My liver apparently doesn’t function as it should during my pre-cycle days and this causes a state of imbalance. I want to believe in my body’s ability to take care of me, as it has done up until now but I also want to support it to do the best it can. Elisa is very supportive in this regard and has encouraged many positive changes in my lifestyle. She is also very knowledgeable and generous with resources, making it easier and less intimidating to make upgrades because I’m kept informed of why I’m making a change and how to make the transitions.



“Elisa is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work.  I enjoyed her energy and specifically talking about the “science of food” how reacts in our body, how it can be used to heal our bodies.  Elisa navigates new trends and helps to de-bunk dietary fads with solid research and scientific facts.  She embodies holistic health in her practice addressing the mind as much as the body.   Elisa is the ultimate “farmacist’,   if you name an ailment and she will give you a food to cure it.  A refreshing change to our culture’s current health practices where we treat disease with pills which contribute to more disease. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable Elisa is equally kind and compassionate.  Overall a great learning experience for both my mind and body. “

Libby Conelius Shadis


“Elisa is one of the most inspirational people I know.  Her food workshops are amazing and so empowering.  I walk away with so much knowledge and motivation to walk in her culinary footsteps.  Elisa has inspired me to create my own muesli and after advice from her I have perfected it and it is my favourite meal of the day!  Elisa is so gifted in her field and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to learn the tricks of her trade.  3 cheers for Elisa!!!”

~Michelle Ball