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Your Brain Fog Solution

I was listening to one of my mentors in the field of Neurology & Functional Medicine speak about brain health the other day and something he said completely blew me away.

When degeneration occurs, it happens in degrees.

Before you lose ALL ability to walk in a straight line, finish reading one paragraph or remember how to count backwards from 20 to 0, you lose the endurance to tackle these seemingly simple tasks.


I’ve noticed in the past few years that I had succumb to limiting beliefs like, “I can’t finish an entire book in a week, my brain can’t handle it” or “I am just not good at Math, my brain doesn’t work that way”.

At some points in my life I could an entire book in a matter of days and after much practice in high school I had strengthened the neural pathways to be good at simple math calculations.

Where did these abilities go and what did it mean?

I’ve been curious about this topic now for years and after much research, I’ve come to realize that serious degeneration doesn’t happen overnight or when we turn 64. Degeneration happens on a daily basis when we ignore the warning signs inflammation is brewing.

Here are a few more warning signs that your brain is losing its neuroplasticity and that are in need of support:

  • Losing the ability to finish tasks like reading one magazine article without checking your phone or “spacing out” multiple times.
  • Losing the ability to focus for long periods of time.
  • Losing the ability to walk down the stairs balanced without clutching the hand rails.
  • Losing the ability to remember multiple appointments a day without being glued to your smart phone.

Your brain is screaming at you, it’s time to take a listen already. 

The Brain Fog Solution begins May 1st and I want you to join me! 

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